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Harmony in Color: A Paint Palette for Cabins

The colors in your home’s interior should emanate balance and peace. One designer shows you how to make it happen.

When it comes to choosing which colors will work best in your log or timber home, the process can be a bit daunting. You not only have to consider how the colors will work with the wood, but also how they will promote a sense of harmony and order throughout your entire home. Emily Lauderback, CEO of Seattle design company Color in Space, came up with one surefire way to help achieve the perfect combination of colors that will allow you to take in your surroundings with a feeling of contentment and peace. Lauderback believes that the colors you choose should not only enhance the beauty of your home, but should also nurture your well-being. She created “Dwelling Palettes,” a series of eight color palettes designed to mimic the ambience of their names, including Bungalow, Cabin, Villa, Cabana and Hut. “Think about what places make you more comfortable, not necessarily what colors,” says Lauderback.

For example, Cabin consists of various shades of brown and blue and is meant to exude warmth and comfort. Cabana, on the other hand, boasts green, gray and yellow tones that convey rejuvenation and energy. According to Lauderback, homeowners should choose a palette that reflects the desired effect. “Every single person is different,” says Lauderback. “They should choose a palette that makes them feel good and resonates with them.” Each palette includes 12 colors that blend together to produce a harmonious flow throughout a home. Lauderback advises choosing three to five colors from one palette to use for the walls in gathering spaces such as the great room, kitchen and family room. Use other colors from the same palette for cabinetry, countertops, furniture and accessories. This will create a general theme throughout the entire home. “Color is energy,” says Lauderback. “It’s about how we put things together. It’s about how things feel.” For log and timber homeowners, it’s also important to keep in mind the color of the exposed wood. Color palettes with similar undertones will complement the wood, instead of competing with it. For example, if your wood is white pine, then it is best to choose a palette with similar undertones as the wood, such as the Cottage or Villa palette.

For more information on how to create harmony in your log or timber home using the “Dwelling Palettes,” call 206-706-1054 or visit colorinspace.com.

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