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Creating an Inviting Timber Home Entryway

Set the right tone for your home at its onset with an inviting entryway.

Written by Whitney Richardson




First impressions are always important — your home’s included. And although curb appeal definitely has its place in your design, what visitors see as they enter your home will define their expectations for the remainder of their stay. Creating an entryway that wows, invites and blends can be tricky, but such a balance can be achieved with the proper attention to detail. Subtle accents, such as strategically placed luminaries, can create an alluring ambience with minimal effort, while bolder decor, such as a grand staircase drawing the eye upward to the impressive beams above, can make a simple statement in one gesture. 

Whether highlighting an expanse of overhead timber features, providing a sight line to the views that lie ahead or giving guests a small sample of what’s to come, let your entry speak for the intriguing features the rest of your home has to offer. Here are a few of our favorites.


Grand Unveiling

This massive entryway makes no mistake about the magnificent features that lie ahead. The 550-pound chandelier announces its presence with nature-inspired adornments — a nice complement to the entwined metal railings — with towering timber trusses overhead to boot.

An equally expansive stone surround serves multiple functions as an entry focal point, hearth to the great room and gateway to the main areas of the home, allowing it to gradually unveil itself as visitors walk through the space. Impressive canvases, intricate sculptures and finely woven blankets, rugs and tapestries line the space, providing a personal touch.


Tranquil Transition

This elongated entry casually leads visitors into the home. Timber beams overhead provide a taste of what’s to come, with well-placed accent lighting in between to set the mood and spotlight the space’s comfortable seating areas and homey decor. Although this specific entryway uses the same green-hued acid-stained tile found on the remainder of the main level for a seamless transition into the home, choosing a different style of flooring for your foyer can make a clear statement as to where the introduction ends and the main home begins. Just ensure it complements the succeeding material to prevent a jarring appearance. 


Cozy Corridor

Visitors to this home are greeted by an inviting setup. A warm rug underfoot provides a quiet entry, with a rustic table juxtaposed by a modern upholstered chair — a perfect place for removing muddy shoes — adding to the cozy effect. The mirror and sconces flanking it emphasize the breadth of the space.

High ceilings with partial walls beneath also make the space feel less enclosed, as do the wall cutouts previewing the rooms to follow. Such a design allows portions of the home to be sectioned off into wings, handily separating private spaces from the main activity areas.


Illuminating Introduction

This foyer serves as a bright, cheery preface to the rest of the home by incorporating plenty of reflective surfaces to illuminate the space. Arts & Crafts-style transoms, sidelights, ample windows and a glass-panel door flood this foyer with natural light, while the white walls highlight the timbers around them. Note the crackled panes, which provide a hint of privacy despite the room’s openness to the outdoors. A glass chandelier complements the overall crystal-clear look, and keeps the space simple and sweet.

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