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Shop the Look: Cozy and Collected

Here's how to get the warm, inviting look of this living area for your own space:

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Almondsbury 29.1
Ivory Faux Sheepskin Area Rug: White - 4' x 6' by World Market
Lucia Wicker Basket Set Bay Isle Home?
Hand Woven Kilim Maymana Wool Runner Rug - 3' x 6' (3' x 6' - Rust Red)
Mary H. Case - Head Study IV - 20
Niemi Wall Clock August Grove� Finish: Gray
Adorable Antique Ceramic Bird Decorative In White & Brown (Ceramic)
Written By: Katherine Owen
Photo: Roger Wade
Styling: Debra Grahl
Restorer: DiGuiseppe Architecture & Interior Design
This snug space started out as a 1970s-era horse barn before New York architect and interior designer Anthony DiGuiseppe transformed it into a timbered home. The rustic fireplace anchors the sitting area and creates an irresistibly inviting nook to settle in with a book. A neutral color palette and artfully arranged objet d’art come together to create a relaxing space that’s heavy on personality and patina without overwhelming the senses. Here’s how to get a look that’s collected–not cluttered–for your own space.


1.     Mary H. Case, Head Study IV in size 30" x 24", $190, onekingslane.com
2.     Stoneware Ceramic Jug, $85, onekingslane.com
3.     Lucia Wicker Basket from Bay Isle Home, $44, wayfair.com
4.     Faux Sheepskin Area Rug 2' x 3', $40, worldmarket.com
5.     Niemi Wall Clock from August Grove in white, $60, wayfair.com
6.     Kilim Maymana Rug, $189, rugs.com
7.     Alanna Ceramic Decorative Accent Bird, $24, overstock.com
8.     Leather Butterfly Chairs from Union Rustic in brown, $146, overstock.com


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