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Check Out What's Trending From the Industry Experts

We talked to several industry experts to find out what trends are still going strong in 2022. Read on for home design inspiration that is tried and true.

Written by Timber Home Living


 Modern Farmhouse trends are still popular among designers and homeowners. MossCreek  photo.


Modern Farmhouse: Light & Fresh

In regard to the log and timber industry, the modern farmhouse style is still very popular, especially mixing painted shiplap with stained ceiling beams and farmhouse lighting. The key is to keep everything bright and crisp, with lighter wood floors, whitewashed walls and black hardware accents.

Cassie Christianson Allied ASID, Interior Designer and Project Coordinator, Wisconsin Log Homes 


This year, I am seeing a lot of white-washed tongue-and-groove pine walls and ceilings, black wire railings (both inside and out), as well as painted cabinets. Log home farmhouse style is where it’s at!

Deb Simano, Sales Associate, Coventry Log Homes


The modern farmhouse is probably the biggest trend that we are seeing. This “new” style combines the coziness of a more historic form or rural country look with a modern sensibility that elevates it and gives it a contemporary aesthetic. Updated interiors that embrace a contemporary design, coupled with the new color palette and WOW – modern & inspired!

Stephanie Bowes, Principal/Co-Owner, Canadian Timberframes Ltd.


A Return to Roots

In recent years, there has been a tendency for log home buyers to choose the dovetail style of construction, which is milled on two sides with interlocking corners. We give it an adz finish, which replicates the old square-hewn beams of years ago. When used alongside reclaimed materials and antique furnishings, this log choice gives the feeling of stepping back in time to a simpler way of life.

Diana Schaeffer, Assistant Sales Manager, Montana Log Homes


Design for the Future

As far as aging in place, elevators are definitely more frequently utilized in homes, as well as curbless showers so a wheelchair can roll right in. There’s also a continuing (and growing) trend for the main level to include the primary suite, so all the primary living spaces are accessible on one floor. 

Cassie Christianson Allied ASID, Interior Designer and Project Coordinator, Wisconsin Log Homes


A Greener Focus

People are focused on green decisions, and with reduced carbon footprint, energy conservation and environmental concerns being on everyone’s mind, clients are seeking air dried-logs/timbers over kiln-dried wood. As such, buyers are looking to work with timber companies that offer air-dried timbers and have them in inventory. This speaks volumes to a timber company’s commitment to the industry and the environment, as well as meeting clients’ needs and expectations on environmentally friendly offerings. 

Jeff Bowes, Principal/Owner, Canadian Timberframes Ltd.


For years, almost every log home you drove by had green windows and a green roof. There has been a classy, modern turn on that trend: We are now seeing black windows with a black roof or dark brown window trim with a brown roof.

Deb Simano, Sales Associate, Coventry Log Homes


Vintage Thinking

Timber and log homes are still utilizing rustic elements of distressed floors and reclaimed beams, as well as stone that has over grouted joints for a more Old-World feel. There are also a lot of vintage design styles coming back, with deep blues, greens and burgundys used in rugs and throws for example. Antique gold lighting and plumbing are used to create that vintage style as well.  

Cassie Christianson Allied ASID, Interior Designer and Project Coordinator, Wisconsin Log Homes


Clients are looking for a “vintage look.” We are seeing a high demand in a rustic antique finish on timbers. This age-old, circle-sawn and brushed look is in high demand on new high-quality timber frame structures. Only a few timber companies have the older “head rig” mills to allow this awesome finish to be created and can merge a vintage look with a new contemporary structure.

Jeff Bowes, Principal/Owner, Canadian Timberframes Ltd.


Flying Colors

There’s a surge of interest in natural colors and very light stains in timber frame homes. Clients are finding these colors to be more calming and familiar; keeping wood tones au natural or to a lighter, pickled white, drawing on inspiration from the outdoors and the natural state of wood. In a refreshing play between using natural tones in a timber frame and pickled ceiling and wall liners, these color choices brighten spaces and create more of a “pop” to either the timber work or the wall/ceiling, keeping interiors calm and contemporary. 

Stephanie Bowes, Principal/Co-Owner, Canadian Timberframes Ltd.


In log homes, I’ve noticed the use of darker stains, as well. If done with the right finishes to enhance and balance the deep color, it can create a very rich, comfortable environment. 

Diana Schaeffer, Assistant Sales Manager, Montana Log Homes


One major color trend I’m seeing: Painted cabinetry as opposed to natural wood finishes. Where once log home interiors were dominated by even more wood tones, now buyers are opting for fresh, bold tones that complement the wood walls, instead of competing with them. 

Richard Titorenko, Sales Associate, Coventry Log Homes


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