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Ceiling Treatments to Consider

Here, we delve into a diverse range of interior ceiling treatments so you don’t forget to give your home that extra boost of beauty above.


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Ceilings are often considered the “fifth wall,” and while often overlooked, they present a golden opportunity to insert extra character to interiors of any size. Fortunately, log and timber-framed homes automatically feature gorgeous beams and trusses to catch the eye above, but what about areas, such as basement-level rec rooms, bedrooms, baths and others, where exposed heavy timber isn’t a given? 

Here, we delve into a diverse range of interior ceiling treatments (some constructive, some purely decorative) so you don’t forget to give your log or timber home that extra boost of beauty above.


Tray Ceilings.

A tray ceiling is an elegant and sophisticated option that adds depth and dimension to a room. These ceilings feature a central section that is recessed or stepped up, creating a “tray” effect. Tray ceilings can be adorned with decorative molding or lighting, making them a focal point and adding an air of luxury to any space.


Coffered Ceilings.

Coffered ceilings are a classic choice that exude sophistication and refinement. This treatment consists of a grid of recessed panels or coffers, often adorned with decorative moldings. They offer a sense of grandeur and can be customized to suit different architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary.


Box Beams.

Box beam ceiling treatments are elegant and versatile. Construction is simple and involves installing exposed beams in a grid pattern, creating a visually appealing geometric ceiling. Not only does this technique adds personality to a ceiling, it can conceal wiring, ductwork and other utilities if necessary. Box beam ceilings can be customized with different materials, finishes and colors to suit various interior design motifs.



While commonly used to add a touch of rustic, farmhouse or coastal flair to drywall, shiplap is a super-easy way to add visual interest to a ceiling as well. Its horizontal wooden planks and natural wood grain create clean lines and bring warmth and character, making it a popular choice for modern log and timber homes.


Pressed Tin.

This timeless treatment adds instant charm to any overhead space. Whether its painted, patinaed or left shiny and bright, the intricate patterns and textures supply vintage appeal and a durable, no-fuss surface.


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