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A number of elements contribute to your unique timber home design. Get expert advice on decor, furnishings, timber frame finishing materials and floor plan design.

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Feng Shui: Balanced, Peaceful Design
For a harmonious environment within your timber frame home, incorporate some of the following principles to enjoy the benefits of feng shui.
How to Maximize Space in Your Timber Home Plan
Are you already dreaming of family holidays and friend-filled dinner parties in your new timber home? Here’s how to make sure y...
4 Steps to Building an Outdoor Kitchen
Building an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic way to expand your home's capacity for entertaining. When planning on adding an outd...
5 Ways to Create a Kitchen Office
With a little creativity, the kitchen can multitask as a home office.
Dining Design: Creating the Perfect Eat-In Kitchen
Whether your kitchen wish list contains all the latest gadgets or just the essentials, chances are there's one feature that top...
Designing a Peaceful Timber Home Bedroom
Lull yourself into sweet dreams with these secrets to a serene bedroom design.
timber home bedroom
Design a Zen Den: Sleep in Peace
Lull yourself into sweet dreams with these secrets to a serene bedroom design.
Special Spaces: 4 Rooms to Personalize Your Timber Home
From quiet corners to hobby hangouts, consider adding a few extra personal places when designing your new home.
Outdoor Design: Take It Outside the Home
How to create indoor comfort for outdoor rooms.
Great Room With Fireplace and Warm Details
2020 Guide to Fireplace, Stove & Mantel Companies
Log Home Living & Timber Home Living’s 2020 guide to manufacturers specializing in fireplace design, fireplace inserts, wood st...
Timber Home Living's Holiday Gift Guide
These unique products are perfect holiday gifts for the special people in your life.
6 Darling Porch Items You'll Need This Summer
Make your timber home living easy this summer with these fun and functional products.

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