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Lighting Design

One of the most important aspects of detailing a timber frame home is the lighting design. Both inside and outside, choosing where to add lights and what kinds of lighting fixtures to use can have a big impact on your home's style.

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home
Thanks to new technology, your options for lighting your log or timber home are smarter, greener and easier than ever before.
3 Tips for Lighting Your Vaulted Ceiling
Successful lighting design in a timber home with cathedral and vaulted ceilings soaring 20-plus feet into the air creates an addi…
How High Should You Hang Light Fixtures in Timber Homes?
How high or low should you hang your lighting fixtures? Here are a few quick guidelines.
Lighting Definitions: Lighting Styles for Your Timber Frame
Confused about all of the different lighting options out there? Here’s a brief overview of different fixtures.
4 Types of Lighting Used in Homes
Light is light, right? Actually, no. A variety of light sources are needed for safety, livability and ambiance. It can help you a…
The Timber Frame Bathroom Lighting Guide
Style doesn’t have to end in your great room or kitchen. Here’s a primer on choosing bathroom lighting that’s anything but basic.
Lighting Options for Your Timber Frame Home
Transform each room in your timber house using the secrets of good lighting.
3 Steps to the Perfect Lighting Scheme
Tips for creating an effective lighting scheme in your timber home.
4 Tips to Good Outdoor Lighting
Brighten your outdoor areas with stylish yet practical lighting options.
Rustic Lighting for Timber Homes
Find inspiration for your timber-frame home from these examples of rustic lighting, including pendants, sconces, chandeliers and …

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