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Timber Home Photos & House Tours

Find inspiration for your dream timber home by browsing our selection of beautiful timber frame home tours and timber home photos to find the right design for you. View timber homes by region, architectural style, size or siting.

Play Station: Colorado Timber Frame Barn
A Colorado timber frame barn becomes a haven for family, friends—and lots of fun.
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A Love of the Land: North Carolina Timber Home
A North Carolina homeowner designs a home around old-growth hemlock trees and rhododendrons.
Plains Geometry: A Colorado Timber Home
A Colorado home mixes straight lines and curves to acheive a contemporary look.
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Lakeside Getaway: An Idaho Timber Home
An Alaskan couple builds their retreat in the lower 48 states to be near family and familiar Idaho scenery.
A Home for Generations: California Timber Home
This sturdy western California home's design provides ample space and interest for both adults and children to enjoy.
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Bridge to the Future: An Old-World Timber Home in Virginia
Hybrid technology guarantees this Virginia home is both naturally beautiful and energy efficient.
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Breaking New Ground: An Energy-Efficient Timber Home
The most attractive thing about this Michigan home isn't its good looks — it's its devotion to protect the land it lies on.
A Family-Friendly Retreat: A Reclaimed Timber Home in North Carolina
A Family-Friendly Retreat: A Reclaimed Timber Home in North Carolina
Two Florida attorneys create a getaway to share with others using reclaimed timbers from the survivor of a 1779 tragedy.
Reclaimed Timber Home in Wyoming Updates Tradition
A Reclaimed Timber Home in Wyoming Takes an Updated Approach to Tradition
Salvaged logs and reclaimed wood transport this Wyoming homestead back in time.
Ranch-style Home Transformed into Timber Classic
When it came time to transform an old ranch home into a comfortable retreat, the owners and builder turned to the philosophies ...
Redefining Rustic in an Idaho Timber Home
Take rough-hewn timbers, rugged stone and a backcountry setting, then add a dash of modern styling. That's the recipe for this ...
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Mountain Modern: A Dramatic Timber Home
An Atlanta man returns to the mountains of North Carolina to build his dream home.
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A Hawaiian Timber Frame Home
A Hawaiian dream home melds indoor and outdoor living.
A Rock-Solid Home in Montana
A Dream Timber Home in Montana
Despite a major setback, one Montana couple gets the opportunity to build their dream timber home — again.
A Classic Timber Frame Home in Pennsylvania
The lure of wood drives one couple to build a classic timber frame home in central Pennsylvania.
Best Homes of the Year: Woodland Timber Frame
Best Homes of the Year: New Energy Work Timber Frames

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