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Great Room Ideas

The great room is where family often convenes most. Make this space warm and inviting with our great room ideas, including fireplace designs, great room decor, furniture, window treatments, great room lighting schemes, and more.

Step Inside a Great Room That is Truly Grand
A spellbinding setting deserves a venue that does it justice. Inside and out, this great room offers a festival for the senses. Here are five ideas to take away from this stunning space.
This Great Room Proves Just How Cozy a Neutral Palette Can Be
Here's five smart takeaways from this cozy-but-clean scheme.
Great Room Design Challenges (and Our Favorite Solutions!)
Great minds may think alike, but in great room design, they typically have little in common aside from containing kitchen, livi...
How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel
The mantel is an underestimated fireplace feature that can set the tone in any living space. Here's how to decorate a fireplace...
Why a Wood-Burning Fireplace is Worth the Investment
It's time to rekindle your romance with an old flame: the wood-burning fireplace.
3 Tips for Lighting Your Vaulted Ceiling
Successful lighting design in a timber home with cathedral and vaulted ceilings soaring 20-plus feet into the air creates an ad...
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Timber Frame Home
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Timber Frame Home
Whether you want an eclectic look or a way to keep the budget in check, a hybrid timber home offers a variety of advantages.
3 Large Timber Frame Windows We Love
Windows play a critical role in your timber home’s design. Think about it: Next to the shape and style of the house, windows have the most influence on how a home looks to the outside world. They also connect your home to the outdoors by capturing the views, and protect against extreme weather and the elements.
5 Tips to Designing Your Dream Great Room Floor Plan
Follow these five easy tips to design the perfect great room for your timber home.
What Window Treatments to Apply to Large Timber Frame Windows
Have huge windows in your great room? Here's what window treatments to use for your large timber frame windows.
Beautiful Ideas for Custom Built-Ins
Carve out customized units in your timber home to address storage needs and complement your home’s style along the way with bui...
13 Design Ideas for a Cozy Timber Home
Longing for comfort? Follow these thirteen design ideas and soon your timber home will be the coziest place around.
The Beauty of Built-Ins
When a home employs the open-format layout popular in many timber homes, it can be even more difficult to find places to stash belongings. Enter the concept of custom built-ins in timber homes.
The Winners of the Timber Home Living Readers' Choice Awards
The best in home design, chosen by the real timber-frame enthusiasts: you!
Creating an Inviting Timber Home Entryway
Set the right tone for your home at its onset with an inviting entryway.
25 Tips to Small-Home Success
We asked four industry experts to share their smartest tips for creating a timber home that features less space without sacrifi...
Freestanding Fireplaces for Log Homes
Bye-bye brick and stone. Freestanding hearth products are all the rage in log and timber home design.
Warming Trends: The Latest in Timber Home Hearths
A hearth expert shares his years of knowledge.

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