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Furnish Your Timber Home

Furnish your timber frame home with our top decor tips, including ideas for furniture, holiday decorations, fireplace & mantel design, light fixtures, cabinetry and more.

Rug Roundup: Our Favorites for Your Timber Home
Rug Roundup: Our Favorites for Your Timber Home
Whether for indoors or out, area rugs are an affordable way to infuse personal style into your log or timber home decor. Go traditional; go trendy; go colorful; go crazy!
Our Favorite Decor Finds for Homes of All Styles
Timber home decor knows no bounds. It can be modern, eclectic, rustic or refined. Browse some of our favorite finds below and try…
Rustic But Refined Tablescape Featured Image
Must-Haves for a Rustic-but-Refined Thanksgiving Tablescape
Set a table that's fit for a feast with these festive fall finds.
Featured Image Merry and Light Shop the Look
Shop the Look: Merry and Light
Step inside this airy and bright great room, where a palette of cool neutrals sets the stage for the winter wonderland just beyon…
Our Favorite Finds for a Colorful Home
Decorating your log or timber home is a chance to show your true colors ... and that’s a good thing.
Shop the Look: Business Casual
new featured lake house decor
Our Favorite Finds for Lake House Decor
Whether your log or timber home is on the lake or you simply want to create a waterfront vibe, these decor finds will help you re…
The Latest in Smart Technology
No longer reserved for the Jetsons, home automation and connectivity is a reality for anyone who wants it. Check out seven of our favorite inventions.
Shop the Look: Mix Master
Steal this sleek bathroom's style for yourself with these fab finds.
Little Luxuries That Have a Big Impact
5 income-friendly indulgences that will make you enjoy every moment you spend at home.
Stylish Striped Finds for Timber Homes
Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal, crisp lines or organic strokes, you'll earn your interior design stripes with these fun finds.
Touchless technology for forever homes
Touchless Technology That's Perfect for Forever Homes
With unexpected colors like rose gold and even two-toned finishes, you can enjoy outfitting your forever home with these touchle…
Bright Ideas for Timber Home Lighting
From rustic wood details to industrial patina metals, these bright finds will shed some light on your log and timber interiors.
Shop the Look: Cozy and Collected
Here's how to get the warm, inviting look of this living area for your own space:
Featured Image Cottage Charm
10 Finds for Instant Cottage Charm
Want to create that whimsical, cozy vibe in your home? Outfit your abode with these 10 easy-breezy finds.
Elegant Holiday Decor for Timber Homes
Elegant Timber Home Holiday Decor
Transform your timber home into a winter wonderland with these glam finds.
Spice Up Your Decor
Spice Up Your Décor
Tis the season for turmeric to thrive. This warm, earthy color can be playful in small dashes like throw pillows or you can make …
Eco-Friendly Decor for Timber Homes
In the early days of sustainable home decor, you had to choose between looks and functionality. Not anymore! Check out these prod…

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