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Finishing Materials for Timber Homes

Explore a variety of finishing materials for your timber frame home, including protective coatings, varnishes, paints, glass, tile, natural stone, mortars, metalwork and more.

Finish From the Bottom Up
Bottom to top, inside and out, here’s your guide to the final decisions — floors, doors, windows and more — that will put the finishing touches on your new timber home.
Special Treatment for Your Home's Logs and Timbers
Applications and techniques that will punch up the panache of your home’s wood.
House of Pane: Upgrade Your Doors and Windows
Doors and windows can elevate your home from basic to brilliant.
How to Mix Wood Tones, Paints and Species in Your Home
Love the idea of combining wood tones, paints and species in your timber home? Hear tips on achieving this design goal from a pro…
This Material Adds Instant Character to a New Home
Here's how to incorporate reclaimed wood into your timber frame home.
Smart + Stylish Countertop Choices
Kitchen countertop materials that make a statement.
Choosing Tile for Your Timber Home
Choosing the right tile for your space starts with knowing your options.
DIY Design: Concrete Imprints
Add your own fossil-like imprints to concrete to give your timber frame home an aged appearance.
wormy maple flooring
How to Maintain Your Wormy Maple Floor
Wormy or ambrosia maple is known for its white and dark wood tones, but it can lose color over time. Here's how to keep your worm…
How High Should You Hang Light Fixtures in Timber Homes?
How high or low should you hang your lighting fixtures? Here are a few quick guidelines.
Lighting Definitions: Lighting Styles for Your Timber Frame
Confused about all of the different lighting options out there? Here’s a brief overview of different fixtures.
4 Types of Lighting Used in Homes
Light is light, right? Actually, no. A variety of light sources are needed for safety, livability and ambiance. It can help you a…
Answers to Your Timber Frame Stain + Sealant Questions
Choosing timber-frame appropriate stains and sealants will ensure your home is as strong as it is stunning.
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Timber Frame Home
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Timber Frame Home
Whether you want an eclectic look or a way to keep the budget in check, a hybrid timber home offers a variety of advantages.
5 Ways to Incorporate Reclaimed Materials Into Your Home
Here are a few of our favorite options on how to use reclaimed materials in your timber frame.
The Timber Frame Bathroom Lighting Guide
Style doesn’t have to end in your great room or kitchen. Here’s a primer on choosing bathroom lighting that’s anything but basic.
Three Smart Solutions for Small Timber Homes
Make the most out of your small timber home by following these easy steps.
3 Amazing Timber Frame Floors
When you’re designing a custom home, picking out flooring is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Not only will different flooring materials affect the look and overall feel of a room, but they will have a big impact on your bottom line, too. As you’re shopping, be sure to consider all your options before deciding on what works best for your lifestyle and home.

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