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Bedroom Design Ideas

Explore Timber Home Living's collection of tips for designing the most important room in the house--the bedroom. Here you'll find ideas for loft bedrooms, master bedrooms, the best bedroom paint colors, bedroom decor and more.

6 Guest Room Tips for Saving Space
Make the most out of your guest room by following these space-saving tips.
Design a Dreamy Guest Room That is Versitile
Design a Dreamy Guest Room That is Versatile
Impress visitors with a well-designed and versatile guest room in your timber home.
How to Design A Timber Frame Bedroom Floor Plan
Create the perfect bedroom floor plan for your timber home with these easy tips.
5 Soothing Timber Frame Bedrooms
A timber frame bedroom is where you’ll retreat to rest and relax. Make sure your bedroom feels like soothing a getaway.
25 Tips to Small-Home Success
If you're thinking of building your own timber-home cabin or cottage, you'll need to be smart about your home's final design. We asked four industry experts to share their smartest tips for creating a timber home that features less space without sacrificing an inch of style.
Suite Dreams: Master Bedroom Design for Timber Homes
No longer just another bedroom, the perfect master suite is all about the details.
How to Maximize Space in Your Timber Home Plan
Are you already dreaming of family holidays and friend-filled dinner parties in your new timber home? Here’s how to make sure your floor plan has the capacity to handle your guests.
Designing a Peaceful Timber Home Bedroom
Lull yourself into sweet dreams with these secrets to a serene bedroom design.
Design a Zen Den: Sleep in Peace
Lull yourself into sweet dreams with these secrets to a serene bedroom design.

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