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Barn-Style Timber Frame Homes

Barn-style timber homes are popular for a reason right now. They are beautiful, classic and give you the open-concept you've been dreaming of. From party barns to classic red barns, take a home tour of your favorites.

This Barn-Style Home is the Place to Be
From modest beginnings, a barn-style timber retreat evolved into the neighborhood gathering place.
Barns for Man and Beast
No longer a humble workhorse or design afterthought, barns are back in a big way … and they’re not just for animals and tractor...
This Ohio Home Proves Just How Sophisticated Barns Can Be
One fun-loving couple’s approach to life includes living in a barn — and storing antique automobiles in the living room.
Featured- Barn Style
This Home Gives New Meaning to "Barn Style"
Most equestrians have to trek to the barn to saddle up for a ride, but this timber home owner doesn’t have to leave the house –...
A New Timber Frame Home With Antique Barn Style
Inspired by the early American pioneers, a Nebraska couple’s timber home blazes a trail all its own.
A Renovated Barn House with Modern Details
An exquisite timber barn renovation wows a New York City couple, who make it their Upstate getaway.
A Damaged Horse Barn Gets a Timber Frame Makeover
After tragedy struck a local rescue's horse barn, Oak Bridge Timber Framing came in to save the day.
We're Obsessed with this Salvaged Barn in Montana
We're Obsessed With This Salvaged Barn in Montana
Reclaiming Montana’s timber-lifestyle heritage, this home artfully uses salvaged materials, creating a brand-new house with a w...
timber barn
This Barn-Style Timber Frame is an Entertainer's Dream
From modest beginnings, a barn-style timber retreat evolved into the neighborhood gathering place.
The Classic American Farmhouse
The Classic American Farmhouse
This Michigan timber home combines modern design with classic American farmhouse style.
The Arkansas Barn You Have to See to Believe
The Arkansas Barn You Have to See to Believe
One Arkansas barn proves that if you build it, they will come.
Long Island Barn-Style Timber Frame
The Long Island Barn-Style Timber Frame of Our Dreams
One timber frame home brings barn-style beauty to the Long Island Sound.
A Belgian Farmhouse Home Perfect for Retirement
This Georgia couple was able to build their dream retirement home a few years earlier than expected. A rustic Craftsman look th...
Barn Home Style
This short Q&A with top timber frame experts explains why the charming and classic barn style home is now more popular and mode...
Rustic Barn Exterior
A Restored Timber Barn Exudes Sustainability
Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s the triumvirate of sustainability, and this restored timber barn built from the reclaimed wood of ...
Victorian Vision: A Timber Frame Carriage House
A timber house patterned after New England barns offers thoroughly contemporary performance.
Country Living in a Timber Barn Home
An Ohio couple embraces the simple life, converting a former dairy barn into a timber barn home.
Old Barns
New Life for Old Barns
An architect repurposes the past by turning dilapidated, old barns into a gentleman’s farm.

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