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7 Things Architects Want You to Know

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

In order to achieve a project that meets the client’s needs, goals and budgets, the key is to control the square footage.

To ease the design process, clients should understand what living with a timber structure means. Because you’re working with living, breathing materials, your architect should take special considerations with your design to account for this.
— Terrie King, Holmes, King, Kallquist & Associates, Architects LLP; hkkarchitects.com

Ask lots of questions. You want to be in the know during your entire design process and be aware of how things are going to work.

Be sure to do your own research on what your design/submittal/permit/build process is going to be. In the end, your home will be your home, so you want to make sure that you have done all your homework. Don’t rely on others to do this for you.
— Brian Sielaff, Tamarack Grove Engineering; tamarackgrove.com

Don’t be afraid to discuss budget with your architect, and make sure you are being honest with him/her and yourself about your budget goals.

Communication is key whether it’s through images or words. However the client wants to explain what they are looking to receive from the architect, the architect  will understand. Give clear direction of what you want.
— Celeste Haase, M.T.N Design; mtndesign.com

Manage expectations.

Come to the table with a firm expectation of what your project should look like as an end product. Be clear on what you want to see when your home becomes a reality.
— Jeffery Caudill, Winterwoods Homes; winterwoodshomes.com

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