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5 Ways to Optimize a Laundry Room Floor Plan

Tips for designing a beautiful and functional laundry room in your timber home.


 Photo by Andy Fitzsimon on Unsplash


1. Consolate the Space

There’s a lot of stuff to pack in here, and if you’re like most people, you don’t want to waste valuable square footage (or money) on such a utilitarian space. The answer? Consolidation. Include a closet for mechanicals, including the hot-water heater and electrical box (be sure to check building codes in your area), giving you easy access and eliminating the need for a separate utility room.


2. Make Space for Air-Drying

On average, Americans dry only about 60 percent of their clothes in the dryer, so plan plenty of space to allow air-drying in the laundry area,” says Salant. “A heated clothes-drying cabinet will keep the area neat.”


3. Add a Bench

Like other rooms in your home, this space has to combine comfort and function — particularly if it’s used as a mudroom, where gardening duds or dirty shoes are removed and stored. “Along one wall, place a 4-to 6-foot bench to seat two people comfortably,” Carr suggests. “And keep it neat by installing pegs and a shelf above the seat for coats and hats and cubby holes below for boots.”


4. Avoid Windows for More Space

Kylloe looks beyond clothes to see how you can use this space more efficiently. “Make the mudroom large enough to stash outdoor equipment such as skis and snowshoes, in addition to housing a washer and dryer. Avoid windows. They’ll take up wall space that could be better used for shelves and hooks.”


5. Consider Stick-Built

If you’re looking for an area where you can give your budget a break, the mudroom may be one answer — particularly when it comes to your timber package, according to Lippert. “By making this room a “stick-built” connector between the house and garage, you’ll save a little money in the process,” says Lippert.


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