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5 Great Fireplace and Hearth Designs

From rustic wooden mantels to towering stone hearths, today's post-and-beam homeowners have lots of fireplace design options. Check out some of our favorite timber-home fireplaces and hearths.

Stone Fireplace with Wood Mantel

In timber homes, where post-and-beam construction makes load-bearing walls unnecessary, a centrally located fireplace, such as this stone hearth graced with a beautiful wood mantel, can help delineate space without blocking access from room to room. Photo: Rich Frutchey and Davis Frame Co.

Red Brick Fireplace with Wood Mantel

Red brick construction and rustic wooden mantels are always a popular choice for post-and-beam home fireplaces, and they provide a uniform, consistent backdrop for any decorative mantelscape. Photo: James Ray Spahn

Fireplace with Arkansas-gold fieldstone and Red Sandstone Mantel

Your fireplace should be a focal point, so don't limit yourself to traditional designs. This Arkansas fieldstone fireplace with a sandstone mantel fits neatly in with this room's irregular ceiling, providing an unusual conversation piece for guests. Photo: James Ray Spahn

Double-Sided Stone Fireplace with Stone Mantel

Increase your enjoyment with a double-sided fireplace. This massive stone hearth pulls double duty and warms the kitchen as well as the surrounding living areas. Photo: James Ray Spahn

Bathroom with Modern Fireplace

Hearths aren't just for great rooms, as this modern bathroom fixture demonstrates. Surrounded by gorgeous views, layered with fragrant bubbles and warmed by a nearby modern fireplace — what could be better? Photo: Colin Jewall

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