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4 Steps to Spring Maintenance

With the spring season upon us, you’ll want to tackle a few simple maintenance steps both inside and outside your home to help keep it in tip-top shape year-round.

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It’s a question we’re asked all the time: How much maintenance will a timber home require? Many types of custom wood homes require a significant amount of yearly maintenance, mostly because wood elements will be exposed to things like insects and harsh weather. But with timber frame homes, the majority of the exposed wood will be inside the home, meaning they require little to no maintenance, with the exception of exterior trusses you choose to add to your home’s porch or entryway. These four easy steps will help you keep it looking its best in a snap:


1. Tend to Gutters

Before spring rains deluge your home, clean all gutters and unclog any slow rainspouts. Unchecked water buildup from stopped-up drains can lead to leaky roofs, rotting wood, cracked foundations, broken pavement and insect infestations.


2. Keep Pests at Bay

Remove all tree stumps and deadwood within 50 feet of your home and trim back any nearby bushes or trees to keep termites and carpenter ants at bay. These common pests need moisture to thrive, so fix drips and leaks, and paint or seal any exposed wood surfaces. If you do see signs of infestation, replace contaminated wood immediately and hire a professional exterminator to remove the source and treat for prevention.


3. Check Your Chimney

After a long winter of even moderate use, your chimney can build up enough creosote to set a major fire. A half-inch layer is all it takes. While wearing safety goggles and a dust mask, look inside the flue with a flashlight and use your fire poker to scratch the black surface above the damper to check the thickness of your creosote layer. A quarter-inch buildup means it’s time to schedule a cleaning before the accumulation reaches threatening levels.


4. Clean Up Air Quality

Change the filter in your air conditioner before you start turning down the thermostat. Even a simple $5 filter will reduce damage to your home’s cooling system and significantly improve your home’s air quality.


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