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10 Unforgettable Timber Home Windows

Windows and window walls — and the light they usher in — often make the house. Enjoy these photos of our favorite timber frame home window options.

Quite simply, this window wall is wondrous.

Spy out a gothic-styled window from the tub.

The arched window echoes the home’s exterior timber framing.

Perfect for privacy, these clerestory windows shed some light.

How low can you go? You can add windows on low sloping walls.

A new take on the dormer carves out the perfect studio.

Design in 3-D by incorporating windows in your ceiling.

Think outside the box — circular windows work wonders.

Solving that pesky problem of windows eating up wall space.

Use windows to make a geometric style statement.

Are these unforgettable windows inspiring your to fix your own windows? Learn more about sash window repair.

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