An Open Vacation Home in Montana

An open floor plan yields a year-round vacation home a mile high, designed to accommodate large groups of outdoor enthusiasts.

Small, Green & Affordable: A Well-Designed Timber Home in Colorado

A timber framer builds his home on a tight budget, trading square footage for space and special touches in a few important places.

Easy Access: A Wheelchair-Accessible Timber Home in Ohio

An Ohio couple designs an attractive timber-frame barn home to accommodate handicap accessibility.

Timber Houses: Perfect Mountain Getaway

When a couple went back to the drawing board to rethink the design of their vacation retreat, timber houses came to their minds.

The best-laid house plans are actually not always the plans you want to go with. So it went for Nancy and Gary Pollock, who had locked down a design for a traditional three-story […]

The Phoenix Barn: Planning a Timber Frame Barn

After a devastating fire destroys a much-adored timber frame barn, a group of visionaries builds anew and accomplishes the unforgettable.

You have to be pretty proud of a timber frame house to build it twice before you even have a buyer.

Timber frame builders Chris Neill and Dwayne Keim, along with investor Jacques Berten, had decided to […]