Your Guide to Timber Frame Homes: Timber Home Living

Timber Home Living magazine is the ultimate resource for timber frame and post and beam homes. Start planning your timber frame home today by searching for timber frame house plans, energy-efficient building products, timber frame companies and timber frame builders. Timber Home Living also offers photos of home tours detailing real-life experiences with the timber frame construction process. Looking for advice? Check out the Timber Home Nation forums, photos, blogs and more.

One couple builds a timber home that’s downright spectacular — both inside and out.
Celebrate the season with the most beloved of color combinations: the classic red, white and blue.
One Montana home boasts a mix of materials for a truly one-of-a-kind waterside retreat.
One of the most celebrated homebuilders in America, Tedd Benson is a true champion of the traditional timber-frame home — with a modern twist.
From elementary to advanced, the truss system you choose for your home will have an impact on your overall design.

Savvy Shopper: Metallic Decor

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Let your style shine with these metallic finds.
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Lakeside Living: A Montana Hybrid Home

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A beautiful waterfront setting serves as the backdrop for a Montana hybrid home.
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4 Steps to Spring Maintenance

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Keep up your timber home with four easy steps.
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