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Green Building Ideas for Your Timber Home

With the popularity of sustainable building practices ever on the rise, it’s important to consider this option for building your own dream home. Here we’ll discuss the implications of green building, best practices, and structural performance comparisons.


4 Steps for Buying or Building a Timber Home

Follow these fundamentals, and you’ll be on the road to timber home perfection. These steps will show you how to buy or start building a timber home.
Timber homes continue to win converts with their craftsmanship, […]

SIPs vs. Stick-Built Construction

The main contributor to the exceptional efficiency of a timber home is the building envelope, starting with structural insulated panels (SIPs).

The Big Finish

Just joining the journey? To read more about the Olsens’ timber-home build, as well as their initial design process, click here.
Taking a risk with mixed materials pays off in the Olsens’ New York retreat.

It’s no secret […]

Enclosing Time

Timber homes save you energy, time and money — from the outside in.

In a world where “efficiency” seems to be nothing more than a building buzz word, timber homes truly embody what it means to […]

A Timber Home’s Energy Envelope

In this free guide, learn how a timber home's foundation, walls, windows & doors and roof work together to control energy.

The Timber Home Difference

This free guide addresses timber frame homes from top to bottom, energy efficiency to layouts, joints and trusses to wood species, as well as post-and-beam vs. timber framing.

The Science of Enclosure Systems

The efficient and energy- minded design of a timber home starts with the enclosure system.

Choosing Windows For a Timber Home

Our go-to guide for choosing the best windows for your timber home.

Industry Insider: Tedd Benson

One of the most celebrated homebuilders in America, Tedd Benson is a true champion of the traditional timber-frame home — with a modern twist.

Panel Discussion: The Truth About SIPs

How SIPS can save you energy, time and money.