From Site Plan to Floor Plan

A beautiful home is one that works well for the people that live in it. Follow these guidelines for getting your ideas and needs on paper.

While it’s probably the most involved of all the stages of home building, the design phase can also be the most creative and rewarding. Now’s your chance to design a […]

Simple Additions on Your Timber Home

Need more space? Adding on to your timber home can save you dollars — and make a lot of sense.

Do you dream of a spacious main-level master suite or a four-season room? Is a spacious rec room resting on your wish list? Are you currently planning a modest-sized timber home with the intent to enhance […]

The Great Escape

The home-building experience has come to an end. But for the Olsens, life at their getaway retreat is just beginning.
Photos by Scott Hemenway

Drive two hours north on the Taconic State Parkway, away from the bright lights and fast pace of Manhattan, and you’ll soon find yourself pulling off into the charming hamlet of Hillsdale, New […]

8 Steps to a Smooth Timber Home Build

Construction is the most critical phase of the custom-home buying process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Knowing how the process unfolds will allow you to preview the work ahead and know who’s responsible for making sure everything goes according to plan.

1. Create a workable schedule.
Like any type of custom construction, building […]

Hybrids Homes: Combining Logs and Timbers

Expert tips to combine logs and timbers like a pro.

When most people hear the term “hybrid,” they think of a tiny, fuel-efficient car, cruising down the highway in the HOV lane. But in the world of home building, a hybrid refers to something very different — a house that mixes at least two different building […]

WINTER IS COMING: Find the right heating option for your home

The facts behind three of today’s most popular home heating sources.

Wall & Roof Options for Timber Frame Homes

Understand the wall and roof choices for your timber home.

While the structural frame may be the star of the show in a timber home, the enclosure system (translation: your walls and roof) is what protects the house from the exterior elements. Plus, depending on what materials you choose, this system can create a high-performance house […]

Timber Home Destinations: Traverse City, Michigan

From cherry-picking to wine-tasting, snowshoeing to kiteboarding, there’s a little something for everybody in this midwestern town.
By Clare Martin

To the residents of Traverse City, a small but culturally rich metropolis on the northwest edge of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula (if you think of the state as a mitten, Traverse City rests between the ring finger and […]

From Dream to Design

What happens when one family takes the plunge and decides the time is finally right to build their timber-frame retreat?

Thanks to a well-documented design/build process — and a homeowner’s willingness to share — over the next four issues, we’ll follow the Olsen family’s journey from start to finish, and get the inside scoop on exactly […]

What’s a Timber Frame?

A timber frame is a kind of home that uses a frame structure of large posts and beams instead of the 2X4-stud “stick frames” that are typically used in tract homes.

You’ve seen the photographs of the classic Amish barn raising. That’s a timber frame, and it’s used for far more homes than barns these days.

Timber […]