Built to Last

The planning is done. The design is finalized. The timber frame has even been raised. Now it’s time for the Olsens to watch their dream become reality.

Custom-home construction can be an overwhelming idea. Let’s face it — we’ve all heard a few nightmarish stories about everything from costly delays to sloppy subcontractors. But there’s no reason […]

Video: Getting Started on Your Custom Home

Before you get started on your custom home project, here are 5 important questions you should ask yourself.

Video: Standard vs Hybrid – Timber Frame Homes

Learn the main differences between Standard and Hybrid timber frame home styles in this informational video.

Video: Three Benefits of Timber Framing

Discover the three benefits of timber framing in this informative segment.

A Timber Home’s Energy Envelope

In this free guide, learn how a timber home's foundation, walls, windows & doors and roof work together to control energy.

Traditional Wood Joinery

This article takes a closer look at timber framing, a building method that has been used for centuries.

The Timber Home Difference

This free guide addresses timber frame homes from top to bottom, energy efficiency to layouts, joints and trusses to wood species, as well as post-and-beam vs. timber framing.

The Science of Enclosure Systems

The efficient and energy- minded design of a timber home starts with the enclosure system.

Choosing Windows For a Timber Home

Our go-to guide for choosing the best windows for your timber home.

Stylish Support: Choosing Your Truss System

From elementary to advanced, the truss system you choose for your home will have an impact on your overall design.