10 Questions to Answer Before Building a Timber Home

The Starting Block
The answers to these 10 questions will help to get your project off to a running start It takes years of training and hard work before an Olympic track runner steps up to the starting blocks that leads to the record breaking and medal winning. You will need to have the same type […]

The Cost of Building a Timber Home: Finishes

This video discusses how to put the proper finishing touches on your timber home after the construction phase has ended.

The Cost of Building a Timber Home: Timber Package

This video discusses how to select the best timber package for your new home, and why various timber packages differ from one another.

The Cost of Building a Timber Home: Location

This video series will discuss different ways to plan your timber home's layout to best fit your land's shape, size and topography.

The Cost of Building a Timber Home: Introduction

This video series will discuss the ins and outs of building a timber home, and will outline the details of cost variations, material prices and budgeting.

5 Tips For Choosing a Floor Plan

Learn the 5 most important tips for choosing, designing and financing a floor plan for your new timber home. See 10 top floor plans for inspiration.

Barn Inspired Timber Homes

The classic barn design is an inspiration for timber home architects everywhere, creating beautiful structural looks using this clean post and beam trend.

Timber Home Lessons Learned

Expert advice takes the Olsens’ timber-frame project from good to great.
(Just joining the journey? To read more about the Olsens’ timber-home build, start here, then go here and here!)

“Sometimes you have to be smart enough to know what you don’t know.”

This, according to Greg Olsen, has been one of the key secrets to success during his […]

Video: Differences between Architects and Designers

This free video will outline the major differences between architects and designers to help you determine which service is best for your home project.

Video: Choosing a Timber Home Company

This free video will help you decide which company is best for your building project, and what factors are most important to consider when choosing.