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How to Budget For a Timber Frame in 2021

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Watch Dave Marcum, Vice President of Timbercraft, in our on-demand "How to Budget For a Timber Frame in 2021" webinar.

Dave Marcum, Vice President at Timbercraft explains, in this on-demand webinar, the costs of building a timber frame today. Regardless of the size or style of the timber frame you would like to build, you likely have questions about timber frame construction costs in 2021. Lumber prices are skyrocketing and labor prices vary throughout the country, but Dave will help make sense of the process, and help you get the most bang for your timber frame buck. He explains the three methods used in the industry for pricing:

1)    Square foot model;
2)    The long model;
3)    Timbercraft’s “Build it Backwards” model featuring hybrid construction.

Dave also provides a case study of Timbercraft’s most popular floor plan, the Clarkston, showing how Timbercraft has been so successful in building this hybrid timber frame for a variety of customers, some with large budgets, and others with modest requirements.

The webinar finishes with a Q&A session, where Dave answers common questions.


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