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Timber Home Design Options

From interior and exterior design tips, to profile and corner style examples, here you’ll find inspiration for making your timber home look just how you envisioned it.


Small Timber Home Design Strategies

Smart solutions for living large in your small timber home.

While many continue to believe that bigger is always better, we’re here to tell you that small homes are here to stay. That’s right; despite the […]

Floor Plan Design Ideas For Second Homes

Use our design guide to plan the perfect vacation retreat.
Whether you’re rolling out the red carpet for weekend guests, celebrating the holidays surrounded by family or gearing up for outdoor sports with the whole gang, […]

Hardwood Flooring for Timber Homes

Go natural with solid wood flooring for your timber home.

The reasons homeowners fall in love with wood flooring go well beyond its beauty. First, there’s the longevity factor. A solid wood floor can last for […]

Design Ideas for Built-Ins

Carve out customized units in your timber home to address storage needs and complement your home’s style along the way with built-ins. For more built-in ideas, click here!

Regardless of a home’s size, space-saving solutions always […]

Timber Home Space Savers

While some people still subscribe to the “bigger is better” mantra, for many custom-home designers, this is the age of small homes. Despite a smaller space, there’s plenty of room for movement. We show you […]

Timber Framing 101

Timber framing 101: modern design meets traditional craftsmanship in today’s timber frames.

A timber home is a kind of house that uses a frame structure of large posts and beams that are joined with pegs or […]

Stone Fireplaces For Timber Homes

A natural choice for wood houses, stone fireplaces look right at home in a timber frame.

Most timber homes just wouldn’t be complete without a fireplace, and stone fireplaces are often homeowners’ first choice. If your […]

WINTER IS COMING: Find the right heating option for your home

The facts behind three of today’s most popular home heating sources.

Lighting Options for Your Timber Frame Home

Transform each room in your house using the secrets of good lighting.

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform a home, one room at a time. In fact, proper lighting can highlight a room’s […]

Wall & Roof Options for Timber Frame Homes

Understand the wall and roof choices for your timber home.

While the structural frame may be the star of the show in a timber home, the enclosure system (translation: your walls and roof) is what protects […]