Design Ideas for Built-Ins

Carve out customized units in your timber home to address storage needs and complement your home’s style along the way with built-ins. For more built-in ideas, click here!

Regardless of a home’s size, space-saving solutions always seem to be a hot topic among potential buyers. And when said home employs the open-format layouts prevalent in many […]

Stone Fireplaces For Timber Homes

A natural choice for wood houses, stone fireplaces look right at home in a timber frame.

Most timber homes just wouldn’t be complete without a fireplace, and stone fireplaces are often homeowners’ first choice. If your new timber home will include a stone fireplace, here are the basics behind the hearth.
Design and Decor
Stone fireplaces can look […]

Reclaimed Wood in Timber Home Design

Vintage charm and one-of-a-kind character make reclaimed wood a winner with homeowners.

There are many reasons people build timber homes, but one reason they all have in common is the love of wood as a building material thanks to its warmth, solidity and character. If they’re using reclaimed wood, double the character and add history to […]

Masterfully Designed Timber Home Doors

Bring on the style with our favorite door pictures for every part of your timber home.

Timber Home Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchen islands are the most frequently requested kitchen-design element in homes. Check out this array of island design options.