Designing a Small Timber Home Kitchen

Easy to clean, super efficient and cost saving — small kitchens are all that and more. Take this advice for trimming the kitchen fat while still cooking up a functional, fabulous heart for your timber home.
By Janice Brewster

The Big Picture
Part of the beauty of a timber home is its ability to accommodate today’s open, casual […]

Timber Home Kitchen Design Tips & Inspiration

Cook up your dream timber home kitchen with our expert tips, layout advice and finishing inspiration.

As rewarding as a beautiful kitchen can be, it sure does require a lot of effort to create. Fortunately for you, that’s where we come in. Our Kitchen Idea Guide packs in all the information (and inspiration) you’ll need to […]

The Perfect Timber Home Kitchen Pantry

Storage is never in short supply when a well-designed timber home kitchen pantry is just steps away.

In a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, the pantry emerged as the kitchen feature most desired by buyers in the market for a new home — and it stands to reason. A pantry optimizes […]

The Beauty of Built-Ins in Timber Homes

Regardless of a home’s size, storage space always seems to be a contentious item. And when the home, like the one shown here, employs the open-format layout popular in many timber homes, it can be even more difficult to find places to stash belongings. Enter the concept of custom built-ins in timber homes.

Keep it Cohesive
Obviously, […]

6 Timber Home Kitchens

Who’s hungry? Here’s a taste of some beautiful timber home kitchens — click the images below for a tour of the rest of each house!

1. Change of Pace
After spending their entire lives in the suburbs of northern California, Jim and Kathy Polizzi were ready for a change. When their oldest son relocated to Colorado, the […]

Maximizing Small Timber Home Kitchens

In a small home, spaces that pull double duty rule. And an eat-in kitchen is multitasking at its best.

Timber Home Kitchen & Dining Room Design Tips

Because of frequent use, the kitchen and dining areas should be planned to near perfection. Here’s how.

No matter the size of your timber home, the main level is where you’ll live most. And although you’ll spend plenty of time in the great room and sitting areas, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being drawn […]

Creating a Country Kitchen

Tips for creating the ultimate country kitchen for your timber-frame home.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the heart of a country kitchen lies in emphasizing that fact through the creation of a cozy, inviting space where anyone feels welcome.

You don’t have to overload the space with kitschy heirlooms, though, to set […]

Timber Home Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchen islands are the most frequently requested kitchen-design element in homes. Check out this array of island design options.

Kitchen Design For Timber Houses

From classic corners to French-inspired blues and contemporary stainless steel, these timber houses have kitchens that will be sure to spark a new design idea.